With the Doha weather calling out to all the couch potatoes who love a good Netflix series (guilty as charged!), FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan found herself getting a different kind of fix, a Bohemian-inspired escape that takes culinary delights to a whole new level…

Anytime that there is a buzz about a new ‘it’ joint, I feel like it is my absolute obligation to be there. Boho Social was no different – except that it was, in fact, very different to anything that I have ever experienced in my five years here in Doha. In a luxurious setting that overlooks the beauty that Katara is, Boho Social is a new place that will make you go giddy with excitement. Located above Katara Beach Club, you’ll be surprised at how much this place is a hidden gem craving to be discovered.

I love the neon signs trend that Doha is seeing right now and I feel like some quotes just fit the situation, right? After admiring the artwork on the ground floor, the doors to the elevator opened to some precious words that I live by – from November to March that is; “I Love This City.” The wind swept my hair on the side and I took in all the freshness of the sea from my seat, admiring the breath-taking view from the restaurant. You’d forget for a few seconds where you are as you look at Katara from an eagle eye point of view; perfect, cluttered with a mix of locals and expats and simply gorgeous.

I don’t think I was even ready to take in the artistic touch of this place. You know how you sometimes see a place and say, ‘oh, this is so me!’. Yes, I had that moment at every second in Boho Social. From the paintings, to the dessert station, the cane swings to the imported carpets layered on the floor, this was a reflection of a place that I can really relate to. The entire team welcomed me generously and I saw that within the few minutes that I had arrived, the restaurant started filling up. Pretty decent since it launched just a week earlier! Peacock inspired chairs, private dining rooms, paintings that make sure you do a double take, tiles and wallpapers that just zing up the entire setting, there was not a single thing out of place here; yet not a pattern that was followed either. GENIUS!

When a place inspires a team to create, you really know the heart and soul that goes into the cuisine. As the Bohemian Falafel made me go ‘OH WOW’, I knew this was special. Falafels and I have a very complicated relationship where I simply don’t like them. That is until I had them with beetroot hummus, sprinkled with activated seeds and lemon salt tahini and was quickly converted to the holy grail of Arabic food.

There was a chill in the air so the staff gave me a pashmina to make sure I was pampered in every way possible. Jenny, my plus one for the night, absolutely devoured the second serving of the soup as well. If there is one thing I love about food, it is the fact that it literally builds relationships. That night, Jenny and I were in sync of the excellence that this place offered. To be fair, she had already had a taste of the restaurant and to say that she came with me again after a day, yep, compliments showering for you, Boho!

If I have to pick and choose, I’d request for you to try the pumpkin soup, which will melt even the darkest soul. Exaggerating right here because there is no other way to emphasise on butternut squash soup that was added to this ‘deconstructed’ strategy. Make sure someone on the table orders a Feta Watermelon Island salad as well so you can dig into the juicy bites of perfection. If you’re planning on getting something to share for the table, I’d definitely recommend the Boho Short Ribs. Delving into the BBQ sauce of the creamy ribs which came off like cotton candy was one of the finest pleasures in life. A bite into this gooey goodness further made me believe that this was the ultimate place to be. As for the desserts, you really cannot choose one – you must have it all. You’re never going to be cringing due to the extra sweetness or asking for more flavour as the balanced dessert menu will be the answer to ever sweet-lover’s yearnings, like yours truly. Whether it’s the umbrellas with the cane, the fabulous décor of the restaurant that is in contrast to every nook or simply the relaxing vibe from the moment you step in, Boho Social is already proving itself and elevating the dining game. We can’t wait to see what amazing creations they come up with for foodies.

Pro Tip: If you just want to get some drinks in, let your mixologist blow you away and ask him to make the magic happen his way. You’ll thank me later! ✤