When Team Fact’s inner carnivore called — Bentley’s Grill answered.

Doha is no stranger to contemporary steakhouses — in fact, we’re often overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices now. But whenever we’re in such a situation, it’s always best to choose the one that has been proving its prowess for years and years. A good steakhouse means good food, good company and a calm but friendly atmosphere, and we find it all at Bentley’s Grill at Radisson Blu Hotel Doha, every time. Quality cuts from around the world with an exceptional style of serving, flavours and taste translating to a great dining experience.

Bentley’s Grill at Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

Entering this restaurant is mind-blowing. Cute chandeliers dangle from the ceiling with brown and maroon hues setting the scene elegantly — such a masculine vibe. Immediately on entry, your eyes connect with maroon leather seating. The hanging wooden frames, and wood interior of the restaurant make an incredible background for those much-needed Instagram photos.

Going in, of course we knew that steak was a must-have, but the starters looked too delicious to be missed. We began the evening with Grilled Portobello Mushroom with warm brie cheese, roasted pine seeds and pomegranate and Maine Lobster Cocktail featuring fresh Canadian lobster tossed in citrus mayonnaise, microgreens, avocado and mango.

The mushrooms’ pronounced flavour and almost meaty texture combined with brie cheese gave a soft and creamy touch with a mild, yet deeply satisfying taste. It was lightly grilled and simply delicious.

The lobster ensemble was executed perfectly and filled with indescribable flavours. This appetiser was probably the sweetest lobster we had ever tasted whilst the sauce was so mellow and flavourful that it balanced the palate. The citrus mayonnaise and mango gave a kick to the flavours. Sinking our teeth in, we developed a whole new level of gratitude that even the aroma of this little serving had us smacking our lips. This has to be our recommendation for starters hands-down.

Bentley’s knows the significance of a classic culinary presentation and showcased its skills through our main course — the food looked as scrumptious as it tasted. To continue our meat-fest we turned our attention to the 400g Angus Beef Rib Eye Steak accompanied by seasonal vegetables and rosti potatoes — but it didn’t stop there. The table was further packed with an array of sauces — Bearnaise, Hollandaise, mushroom pepper and green Madagascar pepper sauce paired further with a choice of truffle butter, garlic butter or herb butter.

When we say the steak knife wasn’t needed, we quite literally mean it. The meat was so perfectly cooked, succulent and packed with intense flavour, that it fell apart on our plate with just a slight nudge of effort. Bentley’s know how to cook a medium-rare steak to perfection and we’re glad we got to taste it! We tried most of the sauces and have to admit, each was better than the last.

Apart from the steak, we also tried Grilled Chicken Breast Alla Diavola (chicken breast marinated in oregano, basil, sage and chilli flakes, garnished with seasonal vegetables). Really tender and flavoursome!

For desserts, we indulged in the delicious Chocolate Mousse Disk, Molten Chocolate Cake and Frozen Berries with White Chocolate Sauce. They all were light and refreshing and an absolutely perfect contrast to all that hearty meat we’d just had! This restaurant is an excellent opportunity to experience some high-quality cuts. A place that will not leave you disappointed. ✤