We don’t know what it means but we know where it is and how it tastes now! Toshi, that is – the new Pan-Asian restaurant to open at Millennium Plaza Hotel had caught the attention of FACT’s Craig Ferriman who was happy to oblige his curiosity with a visit to the venue.

Toshi boasts an extensive menu of East Asian dishes and there really is something for everyone.
We started with a soup which was fresh and full of kick. It really opened up the sinuses. You guessed it – the Tom Yum Kung which is a spicy Thai clear soup with prawns and Thai herbs – it was truly impressive in taste.

There are plenty of salads too that are crisp and fresh. The Thai beef salad was well presented. Succulent tender beef strips were accompanied with cherry tomatoes and garden vegetables in a mild but tangy spicy Thai dressing – that’s what I’m talking about!

There were appetisers aplenty but I’m a sucker for shrimp. Naturally, then, I ordered the ebi tempura which was a portion of four or five beautifullyfried crispy prawns, served with Tokyo pickles and tempura dipping. Very moreish they were too! I also tried the teriyaki beef which were pieces of grilled tender beef cooked in ginger teriyaki sauce and seasonal vegetables. To prove that vegetarians are not forgotten, we tried some excellent garden spring rolls filled with assorted vegetables and dipped them in a lovely sweet chilli sauce for extra punch.

We then got to the sushi which I was chomping at the bit for. I was assured that the signature Toshi Special Roll was a unique thing that you can’t find anywhere else. The chef was most enthusiastic about it. It contained spicy tuna, asparagus, tobiko, crunch, kabayaki sauce, and spicy mayo. It certainly looks like a feast on the plate. The style of sushi at Toshi is popular and modern. It’s what pop music is to classical. The spicy mayo was a bit much for me but those non-sushi purists will relish it.
The volcano rolls were marvelously mountainous. They towered high on the plate and fell over like lava when my chopsticks tried to pull a roll out like jenga. It’s ingredients included salmon, crab stick, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, tanuki, spicy mayo, spicy peanut butter and goma sauce. It’s a full-on feast for all your senses!

If you’re not feeling the sushi, there are plenty of other things to choose from. There is the Asian corn fed chicken which is marinated chicken breast with green beans in a yummy tamarind-honey glazed sauce.
The pan-fried salmon with stir fried baby bok choy in ginger-teriyaki sauce was gorgeously cooked and a little milder than other dishes.
Of the many desserts, the tempura ice cream was probably my favourite. Or was it the batter fried vanilla ice cream with mixed berries puree. OK, you got me; it was a close run! Both were equally palate pleasing.
There is also a fantastic selection of teppanyaki dishes offered at the live grill – not to miss if you’re looking for something dynamic and tasty.

The setting is contemporary and the staff are very friendly, efficient and attentive. It’s a casual dining experience. A place you can rock up to and have a really good meal! ✤