What’s on the smartphone agenda for April?


Planning on taking a trip soon? Download the Hopper app to secure the best flight and hotel prices. This app helps you save money on plane tickets and hotel bookings by predicting price increases and decreases and advising on the best time to book. Once you tell the app where you would like to fly and when, it informs you whether you should book now, or wait. You can click on ‘Watch This Trip’ if you are not ready to book yet. The app also gives you the option to freeze prices if you need a bit more time to plan. All you need to do is to put down a deposit and Hopper will then cover any increase in price. The deposit is given back to you within five days if you book. It has a 95% accuracy rate and can help you save up to 40% on your trip.


Always bursting for the toilet during a movie and worrying about missing the best part? RunPee has got you covered. This ingenious app gives you the best times to run to the loo, worry-free. All you need to do is choose the movie you are watching and start the timer when it begins. The app will then alert you 30 seconds before a Peetime comes to go do your business, giving you a general spoiler-free overview of what you will miss. If you choose to go, a short synopsis of what happened while you were gone appears. Several Peetimes are included during a film, and you get Peecoins to cash in for each film. The app also gives you reviews and ratings of movies, short synopses of the first three minutes, in case you are running late, and a heads-up on any extra scenes in the end credits.