What’s on the smartphone agenda for February?

Alpha Zoo

With many kids studying from home due to both the pandemic and blended learning systems, technology can come in handy for happy active learning. Alpha Zoo app is dedicated to kids learning at home and works even offline without internet, once downloaded. The fun, easy-to-use app includes images, sounds and Wiki facts about animals organised in alphabetical order. From A to Z — most of the animals are featured here.

The app is kid-safe and ad-free. And, it’s not just for home, this app is useful while travelling by car, on public transport or while waiting in queues to keep your child engaged in a healthy learning activity.

Each animal comes with natural habitat and unique sound. Along with that, the app also offers the option of shuffling the animals in random order for a better learning experience. You can also test the little ones by just displaying the animal photo and asking them about the name of the subject and details, including facts like where the animal is found, which countries is it famous in and how it survives. The app is for ages five and under.

ID Guard Offline

You can store your passwords and other important information now without the fear of the app transmitting your data via the Internet or other means. ID Guard Offline doesn’t use the Internet and uses security chip protection — only a password manager can utilise this secure element in smartphones to protect the password.

The encryption key is protected by the secure element. The app takes permission for accessing the camera (for QR code scans), fingerprints and foreground service. If you forget the master password it gives an option to retrieve it and it can also provide support in filling passwords on desktop browsers, automatically identifying payment card issuers and organisations, auto filling username and password across apps and integrating the OTP authenticator to facilitate security every time you log-in.

The developers claim that the app is true offline to minimise the attack surface and can never leak any data or be attacked via external networks.