What’s on the smartphone agenda for October?


Ever listened to the calming sounds of nature playlists but couldn’t find one perfect for you? Noisli lets you design your own soundtracks and create the sound environment best fitted to your own preferences. You get to choose, mix and match from a myriad of sounds, including rain and wind sounds, to help you work, relax or feel in tune with the activity in hand. If you feel too lazy to create your own, Noisli also has various curated playlists for different situations. Whatever you choose, the playlists help you create an environment that blocks out all the hustle and bustle of modern-day life and helps motivate creativity and a calm working dynamic. The app also has a Timer option to help you organise and plan your time out and help remind yourself that you need to take breaks. The app is designed to provide the ultimate sound environment for different situations, be it study, sleep, travel or general relaxation.


Remindee is the ultimate app to create any kind of reminder you need on your phone, whether it’s to read something later or so you don’t forget to reply to someone or even because you need to write something down in your notes app. All you have to do is click the share option for the content you want to create a reminder about, tap ‘Remind Me’ and set a date and time for the reminder. You can also add a note about the reminder by copying some text in, for instance if you want to save a text to read later. The options are endless. And if you want the reminders to show up across all your devices, go for the paid option.