When a spa has become the talk of the town and won various awards, it’s only natural for the FACT team to check out what the buzz is all about. Anushay Taimur Khan booked into ESPA at Mondrian Doha to relax from head to toe.

When something becomes larger than life, it’s definitely going to get a few raised brows. Over the course of the past few months, I had been hearing about ESPA at Mondrian Doha from several people and no matter how much I like that hotel, I had to try it to believe the hype! Mondrian Doha is dedicated to making its property your wonderland and I’m not complaining.
The tired mama in me headed over to get the newly launched pregnancy massage and I truly cannot remember why I never considered going there before. My journey started as I was welcomed by the receptionist at the spa in a very smartly decorated white lounge. The Mondrian elements of showcasing everything in the most exaggerated way were also very visible here and I wanted to see how they designed their rooms – surely, there was something unique that everyone who came here fell in love with, right?

After a quick word with my masseuse, I was ushered to the changing rooms and given my own locker which had a digital password. For someone with a case of clumsiness, I was grateful that I was not carrying a key that I have lost at several other spas in town. As I made my way through the spa to my treatment room, the Alice in me skipped like a happy girl. I came across, what I can only describe, as a pearl tunnel and true to my nature, took a few seconds to pose in front of this unbelievably gorgeous seating area. There are marble mushroom like trees around the showers where you can also find yourself a sauna and a steam room.

My treatment room was very simple with an elegant feel to it and I was asked to lie down on a water-bed mat which would allow my masseuse to reach all the pressure points easily without me moving. Now, I know what a journey pregnancy can be and how difficult it is to move at all so I was already in the mind set that this experience was going to be different than the usual massage. I cannot even begin to write about how my entire right side was in knots. I honestly thought that this massage was not for me because I was in so much pain, only to realise that the stress had really been kicking in lately and my body needed the focus it was getting in this massage room. Since the pressure was not up to the masseuse at all, I enjoyed finding new spots that weren’t looked at before. Even though I am an avid spa-goer, I have never experienced relaxation like this. The therapist took her sweet time to give me a massage that I truly needed. The bed underneath took shape where ever weight was applied and I felt like I was floating – excellent for pregnant women.

I didn’t know how quickly the one hour went by and I was ushered over to the relaxing room which was nothing short of an Arabian night themed tent. With my rose tea and magazine, I sat and Instagram-ed the heart out of this experience. I feel like I’ve already sent a few clients to Mondrian and convinced some friends to visit just by showing off the unique features of this beautiful spa. My rejuvenated and stress-free body also cannot wait to get back! ✤

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