AI Cultural Collaboration

Qatar’s Msheireb has partnered with Metahug to launch a cultural exploration experience on Roblox.

The pioneer in cultural preservation and innovation collaborated with the visionary gaming studio, to launch an immersive Roblox experience that allows players to explore the richness of Qatari culture.

Blending education with interactive gaming, it showcases Qatar’s sustainable innovations, creative chops and deeprooted traditions with the Roblox platform hosting a series of mini-games, each crafted to highlight a different facet of Qatari life and history.

At launch, players will be able to participate in six unique games, starting with Pearl Hunt, which pays homage to Qatar’s pearl diving heritage. And the experience will include activities inspired by Msheireb Properties’ vision for human-led design with activities including designing sustainable fashion inspired by traditional Qatari attire and creating furniture that reflects the region’s architectural elegance. Additional mini-games will educate players about Arabic typography and the history of Bedouin lifestyles, celebrating Qatar’s commitment to sustainability and design.

Msheireb Properties’ ethos was instrumental in creating the project, combining the ingenuity of the world’s first sustainably regenerated downtown with the Doha Design District’s ambitions as a creative lab for global design talent. This partnership not only highlights Msheireb’s dedication to cultural preservation but also aligns with Metahug’s mission of educating through engagement. Working closely with Lian Pham, co-founder of Metahug, the collaboration leaned into Metahug’s education in gaming expertise through its flagship Play2Learn educational initiative that teaches kids to learn without knowing they’re learning.

“By integrating educational elements with the fun and excitement of gaming, we aim to create a more enriching experience that teaches players about the significant cultural heritage of Qatar,” said Shaikha Al Sulaiti, Senior Manager of the Doha Design District, Msheireb Downtown Doha. ✤