When life in quarantine continued, we started looking for reasons to celebrate anything and everything. We found a sweet deal at EllaMia and decided we could definitely use this for our virtual date with our friends

Where we miss our friends and crave human interaction after over two months of staying inside, we decided to make the best of the situation we are in and have a virtual tea- party with a few favourites. We collectively decided to order our afternoon tea packages from EllaMia, Mondrian Doha to give the right ‘feels’ of being together and maybe even ‘fake fighting’ over the last bites.

Ever since EllaMia launched, it has been a favourite of ours so it was a complete no brainer to opt for this bakery for a one-of- a-kind event. The Taste to Go initiative has been a blessing for us as we’re not missing out on anything delicious at this point. Okay so we do miss our Frozen Forest set up, we won’t lie, but soon dear heart! Without even having to run after them, EllaMia called us sharply at 3 PM to receive the order from the lobby. Our delivery girl (more power to her) was taking all the precautions needed with her gloves and masks and greeted us with the chirpiest voice – friendliness, check!

Three boxes of the iconic black and white EllaMia colours held all the goods that ultimately resulted in the classic ‘Mia feels. The bonus box? A cookie and cupcake decorating kit that comes with 4 cookies, 4 cupcakes, 3 different coloured butter creams and a selection of toppings that can only be described as heavenly.  If there are any mama’s out there who just need a break, this addition to the afternoon tea is the best thing that could happen to you. As you sit and sip some tea with the girls, you can just have the kids busy with this treasure and get to breathe for a while. That’s exactly what we did too, and that wasn’t even the best part. There is nothing sweeter than cookies and cupcakes that are finally yours to have as the kids have gotten their fair share of butter cream that they kept licking it off the piping bags! Didn’t we say the experience was heavenly?

The main tea itself was nothing short of splendid on its own. A deal fit for 2, we were in awe of being able to experience a few EllaMia favourites in our sunroom as we sat through one of the most magnificent sunsets of Doha. A personalised handwritten note already gave us the comforting feels and we set the table with a divine selection of a carefully curated menu; the savouries included the classic egg & mayo burger in a black bun; simple yet magnificent. The twist to the standard cheese sandwich, where the cloudy soft green and orange bread was wrapped  in cheese, couldn’t have been a better fit in this deal. The zesty salmon on the buttered crunchy bruschetta bread was nothing short of perfection. Goes without saying; there was nothing left on the plate once we got done.

The pastries, the highlight of EllaMia for us, were a mix of sumptuous desserts we couldn’t keep away from. The one- bite crusty strawberry tarts, the decadently rich chocolate brownie and the fruitfully zesty lemon tarts added a whole new dimension to the experience.

When you speak about a complete package, EllaMia’s afternoon tea takes the cake home (brings it home in this instance0 for us. Mondrian Doha promises to deliver the same quality you get at the hotel and we could not ask for more. ✤

Afternoon Tea box – QR 150 12pm – 6 pm
(can be shared by 2 guests)
Cookie & Cupcake Decorating Kit – QR50 each Free delivery