Starting this winter, the area of Ruwais, the coastal town on the very end of the Shamal Road, will become a new and attractive location for those who want to learn more about Qatar’s past, see some important historical buildings and sites and finally relax from the visit over some refreshments at the café, overlooking the picturesque harbour of Old Ruwais.

Al Ruwais Police Station
The old Police Station at the village of Ruwais can serve as both starting and end point for a closer exploration of the area. It was built in 1955 and until well into the 1970s stood isolated a few hundred meters to the east of the village. Historically, police stations were often constructed close to harbour locations to provide security, but they also doubled as customs posts and monitored the boat traffic entering or leaving town. Nowadays, of course, it serves quite a different purpose: visitors will now find inside the guard room an exhibition with objects excavated at the nearby 16th and 17th century site of Ruwayda (see below). Chinese porcelain, agate and carnelian beads brought in from Afghanistan, divers’ weights, cooking pots and bones tell the story of trade and pearling and reflect the simple and hard, daily life of the people in the Ruwais area hundreds of years ago. In the mood for a mini-adventure? Head out to Al Ruwais before the end of winter to enjoy the cooler weather.

Head towards Al Ruwais on the Al Shamal expressway. Entering Al Ruwais from Doha, continue straight to the last roundabout (Dhow roundabout) leading to Ruwais Port. At the Dhow roundabout, take the first exit right onto Ruwais Road, and continue straight until Street 967 on the left (just before McDonalds drive-through). Turn left onto Street 967, and continue straight to the end of the street where it junctions with Khasooma Street. Turn right, and continue straight until the road ends. The entrance to the Old Police Station Museum parking area is on the left.