A Fusion Of Cultures On Your Plate

AMS discovered the flavours of the ancient eastern trade route on a visit to Silk Road.

As we entered Silk Road, at DoubleTree Hilton Al Sadd, we were met by a spacious, open dining area with beautiful arches reminiscent of traditional architecture. The calming palette of blue and white added to the serene yet sophisticated atmosphere. Lush greenery complemented the neutral stone walls, creating a fresh and inviting space.

Anna, our hostess and the Marketing Director of the hotel, greeted us with a radiant smile. She passionately explained how the restaurant’s new team had been meticulously assembled, bringing together some of the most talented individuals in the region. The chef, who had recently won prestigious awards from Qatar Culinary Professionals for his culinary excellence, was particularly highlighted.

Anna kindly provided us with the evening’s menu, sharing insights into the inspiration behind each dish and the team’s dedication to authenticity and creativity. She elaborated that the concept of Silk Road is inspired by the diverse cuisines that were once found along the historic trade route, offering a unique culinary journey through time and cultures.

A Refreshing Introduction

The cold mezze platter arrived promptly, a vibrant medley of colours and textures. The hummus was a creamy delight, its smooth texture enhanced by a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of paprika. Muhammara, with its rich, nutty flavour and hint of pomegranate molasses, offered a perfect balance of sweetness and spice. The moutabel, smoky and velvety, was a testament to the beauty of simplicity in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Salad Symphony

Next, the salads brought a burst of freshness. The tabbouleh was a symphony of parsley, mint and bulgur, each bite bursting with lemony zest and the crunch of fresh vegetables. The fattoush, with its crisp pieces of pita and tangy sumac dressing, was a delightful contrast, adding a satisfying crunch and a citrusy kick to our meal. A Warm Embrace The hot mezze selections soon followed, each dish a warm embrace of tastes. The batata harra, spiced potatoes sautéed to perfection, were a comforting bite, their heat balanced by a hint of coriander. However, the standout was undoubtedly the shrimp Provençal. Cooked in a fragrant garlic and herb sauce, the seafood was succulent and tender, each bite melting in the mouth. The rich, buttery sauce, infused with the freshness of parsley and a hint of lemon, elevated the dish to new heights, transporting us straight to the Mediterranean coast. This dish was a testament to the chef’s ability to transform simple ingredients into a sublime culinary experience, making it a memorable highlight.

Sagar, our waiter, was an exceptionally friendly and welcoming presence throughout our evening. He was never more than a few steps away from our table, always ready to top up our water or clear away dishes with a warm smile. It was Sagar who told us all about the buffet dining that was also taking place, taking the time to show us all the dishes inside the cloches. His attentiveness and genuine hospitality made us feel truly cared for.

Main Course Marvels

The main courses were the evening’s pièce de résistance. The mixed grill platter, a carnivore’s dream, featured perfectly grilled kebabs, juicy and charred, each bite infused with aromatic spices that lingered on the palate. The lamb biryani was a fragrant delight, with tender lamb pieces nestled in saffron-infused basmati rice, each grain perfectly cooked and bursting with flavour, complemented by the subtle heat of spices and the sweetness of caramelised onions. The butter chicken, rich and creamy, was a comforting hug in a bowl, its sauce a harmonious blend of tomatoes, butter and aromatic spices, with tender chunks of chicken that melted in the mouth.

The highlight of the main courses was the Mansaf, Chef Mohammed’s signature dish. The lamb, slow cooked to perfection, was incredibly tender, falling off the bone with the slightest touch. It was served on a bed of creamy, saffron-infused rice, topped with a tangy yoghurt sauce and garnished with pine nuts and fresh herbs. This dish, a true testament to Chef Mohammed’s Jordanian heritage and culinary expertise, was a spectacular addition to our meal.

Sweet Finale

The meal concluded with Um Ali, a traditional dessert that was a revelation in every bite. This warm, milky bread pudding, studded with nuts and raisins, was a comforting, sweet ending to our culinary journey. The subtle hints of cardamom and rose water added an exotic touch, leaving us with a lingering sense of satisfaction.

The talented team at Silk Road truly outdid themselves, delivering an array of spectacular dishes that showcased their culinary prowess. Each plate was a testament to the exceptional quality and creativity that defined their cuisine. The convenience of the restaurant being part of the hotel added to its appeal, offering valet parking and access to all the hotel’s other facilities. You can pick up a cake for a special occasion or relax in the lobby café, making it a perfect choice for convenient city centre dining. Silk Road promises an unforgettable dining experience, perfect for anyone seeking an evening out in the heart of the city. ✤