A Carnivore’s Paradise

Cayetana Moret Gual embarked on a journey to discover the exciting ambience and culinary offerings at Hunters Room & Grill.

In the vibrant heart of Doha, cocooned amidst the dynamic rhythm of the city, The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa emerges as an oasis of refined luxury. Its strategic position is just moments away from iconic landmarks such as Souq Waqif and the Doha Corniche. Tonight, our culinary voyage beckons us to the doorstep of Hunters Room & Grill, the hotel’s modern steakhouse, where an enticing fusion of Latin American flavours awaits. Curated by the culinary virtuosos Chef Martín Repetto, Executive Chef, from Argentina and Ramón Castillo, Chef De Cuisine (Hunters Room & Grill), from Mexico, the menu promises an epicurean odyssey spanning the breadth and depth of the Latin American continent.

As we step into the restaurant on the mezzanine floor, we are enveloped in an atmosphere of understated elegance. The warm embrace of wooden elements, interwoven with the soft glow of ambient lighting, creates an inviting ambience that speaks of refined sophistication. Plush green leather armchairs beckon, offering respite from the bustling city outside, while iron sculptures imbue the space with a touch of whimsy. Our senses are further tantalised by the sight of the open glass kitchen, where flames flicker hypnotically atop the grill, promising culinary delights in the making. With a gracious welcome from Chef Martín himself, we embark on a culinary voyage of discovery, eager to savour every moment.

Our evening unfurls with a flourish as a symphony of flavours dances across our palates, commencing with a tantalising array of starters. A platter of Argentinian Chicharrón Bread with smoked paprika and hazelnut butter sets the stage for the culinary extravaganza to come. The crisp crunch of the bread gives way to the succulent richness of chicharrón, while the velvety smoothness of the butter adds a touch of indulgence to each bite.

Soon, a procession of cold and hot starters graces our table, each dish a masterpiece in its own right. The guacamole, a beloved Mexican staple, delights with its creamy texture and vibrant flavours, while the Ceviche de Langostinos Patagónicos is a dish that encapsulates the essence of Latin American coastal cuisine. Originating from the shores of Peru but reimagined with an Argentinian twist by Chef Martín, this ceviche is a testament to culinary innovation at its finest. The star of the dish is undoubtedly the Patagonian prawns; these succulent crustaceans are marinated to perfection in a vibrant concoction of lime juice, passion fruit and mango, imparting a tropical burst to each bite. One of the defining elements of this ceviche is the use of leche de tigre or tiger’s milk, a traditional Peruvian marinade renowned for its invigorating properties. Each spoonful of ceviche is a revelation, a symphony of flavours, leaving a lingering impression of culinary excellence.

The Cachapas, a Venezuelan delicacy, captivate with their delicate balance of sweet and savoury, enhanced by a medley of tantalising sauces. These golden corn cakes, crafted from tender, yellow corn, are a celebration of the land’s bounty. As we take our first bite, we are greeted by the delicate sweetness of the corn, its natural juices shining through with each mouthful. But it’s the decadent filling of molten mozzarella cheese that steals the show, oozing out with each indulgent bite. The interplay of flavours is further enhanced by the tangy notes of the Pico de Gallo, the creamy richness of the sour cream and the vibrant burst of the tomato chutney.

Notably, the Salsa Tatemeda imparts a smoky taste that lingers on the palate and adds depth and complexity to the dish that is truly unparalleled. Prepared using a special cooking process that involves grilling and carbonising the ingredients before grinding them with a volcanic stone, the Salsa Tatemeda is a testament to Chef Ramón’s ingenuity and skill.

The crescendo of our dining experience arrives with the pièce de résistance: the Carnivores Platter. This culinary masterpiece is indeed a carnivore’s dream come true, boasting an impressive selection of 1,265g of meats that showcase the finest cuts from around the world. From succulent striploin, skirt steak, ribeye and chicken to tender lamb chops, each cut is a testament to the impeccable quality and craftsmanship that defines Hunters Room & Grill. But it’s not just about the meat – the accompanying sides elevate the dish to new heights of indulgence. The truffle mashed potatoes, creamy and decadent, melt in the mouth with each forkful, while the grilled asparagus adds a refreshing crunch to the ensemble. And then there’s the smoked provoleta, a true showstopper that infuses the room with its tantalising aroma. As the glass cover is lifted to reveal the smouldering cheese within, we are transported to a world of culinary wonder. And let’s not forget the array of sauces that accompany the platter, from the traditional chimichurri to the fiery pepper and mushroom, each one adds its own unique twist to the dining experience.

As the curtain falls on our epicurean odyssey, we are treated to a denouement of desserts that elevate sweetness to an art form. The Caramel Flan de Dulce de Leche enchants with its creamy decadence, while the Homemade Chocolate Cake surprises with its luscious coulant-style melting centre. However, it is the Alfajores served with Mate Ice Cream that steals the spotlight, its theatrical presentation captivating our senses as the thin black film enveloping the dish is set ablaze, revealing the delectable ensemble within.

In summation, our dining experience at Hunters Room & Grill transcends mere culinary indulgence, evolving into a multisensory journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of Latin American cuisine. From the inviting ambience to the exquisite flavours, every aspect of the evening is a testament to the artistry and passion of its creators, leaving an indelible impression on our palates and hearts alike.✤